Allow me to introduce myself…


Let’s Read!

Hi! Welcome to Mom Reviews Books. I created this space because as I get older I find myself enjoying reading more now than ever. My paternal grandmother I believe was the first to introduce me to the idea of “getting lost through reading” as she handed me stacks on stacks of gossip rags like the “The National Enquirer” (no offense) and then moved me up to getting my own subscriptions of: Seventeen Magazine, YM (Young & Modern), and Sassy.

In my young adult years, I began treasuring books, often given to me by my Mom or her cousin, and even some random books that were recommended in some way in the magazines. I have moved around a lot, but I never move unless I’m sure all of my books are safe and will be traveling to me.

Then the E-book phenom arrived, and had a very mixed reaction to it. I did not want to move to something new, seeing what it had done to local book stores and what it ended up doing to Borders Book Store (which I thought would live forever). So the move to E-books via Amazon’s Kindle was slow and I also enjoy the quickness I can get books (instead of waiting for it to arrive at a bookstore or for it’s delivery). I’m still buying books though, and still moving around with my books in boxes like the treasures they are.